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A space to grow

Envision Greenhouse provides diverse young leaders within The Alliance Canada with meaningful leadership mentoring relationships. We’re eager to build creative environments that foster growth and collaboration beyond the local context. Greenhouse is an opportunity for both mentors and leaders to flourish. Healthy community and leadership development happens naturally in the Kingdom of God when we learn from one another’s backgrounds, ministries, careers, skills, and spiritual journeys.z
Our core ministry and objectives include:

  • Connect emerging leaders with each other through a digital community. 
  • Connect emerging leaders to great mentors based on spiritual journey, professional development, or expertise on a particular topic.
  • Grow and be developed under Envision Canada’s 5 leadership values: 
    Biblical Foundation, Self-Awareness, Spiritual Awakening, Cultural Agility, and Global Leadership
What leaders can expect:
  • Once you are paired with a mentor through Envision, you will set the time, frequency, and place for your digital meetings. (Minimum 8 Sessions)
  • You will develop goals of your choosing with your mentor that focuses on your individual growth & development as an emerging leader. 
  • You will submit a copy of your mentoring goals sheet, your midway, and final evaluation over the course of the next few months. 
  • You will join a larger session with all other Greenhouse leaders to receive teaching, discuss, and share as a larger group, focused on our cohort competency
  • This is where we can also chat about logistics, general info, and ask questions.
  • Digital Gathering dates: Saturday September 28 – Saturday October 19 – Saturday November 16 – Saturday December 14

***Please note that Envision Summit 2024 participants are eligible for a scholarship that covers the Greenhouse 2024 registration***

50 spots left

Kris Corbin





  1. Application, Reference


  1. Weekly (or bi-weekly) mentoring (1 on 1), Digital Gatherings (3-4 times per cohort)


  1. 18-28 years old


  1. In partnership with your mentor - you will set up either weekly or bi-weekly mentoring sessions. Together you will establish goals that will guide your sessions together!


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